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Could it be that behind the rush, which is the evil of these times, hides the fear of our own inner echo?


In the midst of the daily frenzy, nature imposes itself strongly as a blow of silence and perspective that leaves us amazed.

The scenario that Aggy and Thomas present to us invites us to gather ourselves, to rediscover the basic need to feel small, tiny, in the middle of a perfect creation. It makes us feel like another person in the middle of a world of people. But it does not despise us because of currents, on the contrary, it exalts us by the opportunity to be part of this powerful world that screams loudly in the storms, in the running of a troop, in the currents of the sea. Laugh too, with smiles of all colors, at the most extravagant animals, at the reflections of the sun.


It is a strong and powerful world, at the same time it is shy and vulnerable to those who know how to appreciate it.

We invite you to explore this gallery of small treasures that Aggy and Thomas so generously bring to us to remind us, just by looking, that this incredible world is alive and it is up to us to know how to enjoy it. In that sense, each of his photographs are like a respectful portrait that wants to stealthily capture that amazement, that gratitude towards the most magical gift.

Fine Art Prints

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