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Elisabeth von Zehmen

We have the luxury of being a showcase for the works of this Argentine plastic artist, graduated from the Prilidiano Pueyrredón National School of Fine Arts.


Her direct and vehement lines, her use of color, her originality and expressiveness move our gaze. In this section you can learn a little more about ''Lizzy''.



He studied at the Prilidiano Pueyrredón National School of Fine Arts and in the workshops of Kenneth Kemble and Carlos Gorriarena.

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Since she was 17, she has been working in painting, venturing into engraving, installations and performances, following a marked family path made up of three generations of women artists.

In 1998 she won a prize to visit the San Pablo Biennial. That trip was very significant, since it was the beginning of a broader search for her art, where she began to involve all the senses in his work.

However, the trips that really left their mark on her creative heart were the one to Ghana, in 2012, to study dance and percussion, and the one to Benin, in 2019, where she visited small villages and connected with the color of their fabrics, dances and masks.

From these trips, African music is always present in her works as an inspiring primitive energy.

She feels very identified with Rufino Tamayo's phrase: ''I have had the joy of expressing my soul in every gesture''.

She really likes working in large formats, there she expresses herself not only with her hand but with her entire body.



2019- A los Cuatro Vientos , Mujer Ancestral , Legislatura de Buenos Aires

2019 - Fuego Selknam ,Paseo La Plaza . Instalaciòn y performance

2019 - Colectivo , Nuna Ikigai , Instalaciones , Paseo La Plaza

2018 - Argentina / Afro, Retratos de una Presencia .Centro Cultural de la Memoria , Haroldo Conti.

2016 - Embajada de Argentina en Paraguay - Cuatro artistas argentinos, pinturas.

2015 - Bienal Discar, Ciudad Cultural Konex.

2015 - Travesías: Africa, Brasil y Argentina. Espacio Cultural de la Embajada de Brasil.

2014 - Performance Homenaje a Mandela. Congreso de Buenos Aires.

2013 - Arte Ayuda: Murales Hospital Rivadavia.

2012 - Arte Ayuda.

2009 - Galería Gomensoro, muestra individual.

2008 - Galería Gomensoro, muestra individual.

2007 - Artistas Argentinos en Holanda, Semana de Las Artes Domburg, Holanda.

2006 - Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (17 Artistas Contemporáneos): Rembrandt Examinado.

2005 - "Mención de Honor" Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales - Palais Glace Arte Textil.

2003 - EL Borde Arte Contemporáneo.

2002 - M.A.C.L.A. (Museo Latinoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo) : Muestra Individual.

2001 - Acción Experimental Kriaturas Laguna de Lobos (Pcia .de Buenos Aires).

2000 - Mamba, Acción Experimental Kriaturas, San Telmo, Puertas Abiertas.

Acción Experimental Kriaturas, Espacio Giesso, San Telmo.

Centro Cultural Recoleta, Muestra Individual.

Seleccionada por la Argentina para la Bienal de Grabado, Comune di Francavilla, Italia.

2000 - Argentina - Brasil, Litografías, Centro Cultural Borges.

1999 - Centro Cultural Borges, Muestra individual.

1999 - Praxis Internacional, Grupo Alquimia.

1998 - Beca Especial Presidencia de la Nación a la Excelencia Cultural.

1997 - Mención Especial del Jurado, Arte Joven por el Sida, Centro Cultural Recoleta.

Ruth Schweizer Fine Art, Canadá.

1996 - Primer Premio Salón de San Isidro.

Salón Andreani, Muestra Individual.

Her work

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