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Sobriety and elegance do not expire.

Quality is a refuge from time.

Simplicity and dispossession.

The pure colors.

The noble genres.

The subtle details.

All parts of a larger tapestry that attempts to recreate beauty.


Fashion is not synonymous with good taste.

Quantity has nothing to do with style.

True elegance is prudent.

Wait to choose, care and treasure.

And also share and inherit.

Delicate is that object that tells its story,

That has an origin and a mission.

This is how all our products are.


Frontera is

love for the noble and beautiful

the talent of the artist

the daily life of the home

the warmth of family life

the inspiration to transform

the value of work

respect for nature and those of us who inhabit it.


Frontera is love materialized.

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We are weavers, artisans, artists and cabinetmakers.

We are a team made up of different people but with something in common:

The passion to create.

Create with quality and originality.

Create inspired by nature.

Create objects with history.

Frontera is bond, diversity and collaboration.

We are the link between exceptional talents and people seeking to renew and transform their spaces.

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Argentine Design

Among us there are plastic artists, cabinetmakers, artisans from northern Argentina, renowned painters and sculptors. Our secret lies in the wealth that this diversity of talents offers.



Frontera is selection, curatorship. We are committed to quality and use only materials that meet the highest standards.

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Our products are unique because they are handmade and have value in themselves. They talk about a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature.

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Each component goes through a meticulous selection process and every detail is carefully resolved.


"Today's man is overwhelmed by social impositions that make him disintegrate from his inner axis. In an effort of hyper-adaptation he unconsciously represses his most authentic essence. Through my work, I seek to open a channel of communication with my true being."

Elisabeth von Zehmen - Plastic Artist

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